valve boiler

Boiler Valves are one of the many essentials of a boiler. In the event of a boiler emergency, valves allow the boiler to halt the flow of water. In order to keep your boiler running efficiently, WARE offers valve repair.


Valve repairs are provided on the following types of valves:

  •     Control
  •     Globe
  •     Ball
  •     Check
  •     Pressure-Reducing
  •     Butterfly
  •     Gate
  •     Gas Regulator
  •     Plug

Additional Boiler Equipment Available

  •     Rental Deaerators
  •     Rental Water Softeners
  •     Rental Feedwater Systems
  •     Rental Heat Exchangers and Economizers
  •     Rental Steam Pressure Reducing Stations
  •     Rental Gas Pressure Regulating Stations
  •     Rental Economizers
  •     Rental De-Superheaters

Repairs to ASME Section I Safety Valves and ASME Section VIII Safety Relief valves and Relief Valves are repaired and tested to the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors VR program standards. All repaired valves are returned to the manufacturer’s original specifications and stamped with a VR stamp.

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